Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening works. However, results vary from individual to individual. We are happy to create a personalized solution to whiten your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth Whitening
Does in-office tooth whitening work?

My honest opinion is somewhat. I only use in office whitening if someone NEEDS a whiter smile within a day or so. Example: Wedding Whitening for this upcoming weekend. Results do not last as long as other methods, in office whitening creates sensitivity and comes with a list of post-operative instructions like avoiding certain foods.

Does take-home whitening work?

In most cases it definitely works. Results do vary.

What are the directions for take-home whitening?

We use various systems. With the the systems that we use, you will be given take-home gel (strength varies from patient to patient) and customized trays. You apply the gel into the tray and wear it on your teeth for anywhere between 15 minutes to overnight for 10 – 14  days. We then re-evaluate your results and supply you with enough gel for touch-ups down the road as you need it.

What foods should I avoid if whitening my teeth?

If doing the take-home method, the rules are pretty relaxed as compared to the in-office method.  For approximately one hour after you finish with the take-home approach, it’s recommended that you avoid any foods or beverages that can stain your clothing, for example red wine. Any sensitivity that is caused by the whitening gel is completely reversible. If the sensitivity is pretty moderate or severe, stop the process until the sensitivity subsides and you can then continue.

How long does tooth whitening last?

It depends from individual to individual. If you’re drinking a lot of wine and coffee, then regular touchups may necessary. You can try drinking coffee through a straw to decrease the amount of times you need to touch up your teeth.