Dental Implants

It is my belief that the human teeth are meant to last 35-45 years, everything after that is medicine, science, and luck. Some teeth may fail you.  Teeth typically fail due to cavities, they break, teeth are lost due to bone loss, gum disease or trauma.
Replacing teeth with dental implants is predictable and virtuously painless. Implants are never as good as what nature gave you. However, with the latest breakthroughs in the field of implantology, we can deliver excellent and long lasting results. Dental implants restore function and esthetics when your natural tooth has failed you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Implants
What is a dental implant?

Before the advancement of dental implants, patients had few options. You may have heard of bridges, dentures, or simply not doing anything thus being forced to have missing teeth. Today, the science behind dental implants is predictable and the procedure is virtually painless.

A dental implant is a titanium screw fixture that is painlessly placed into your bone. After the implant integrates and the site has healed, the dental implant is then restored with an abutment which supports the ceramic tooth that mimics the size, color, and the shape of the original tooth.

What is the dental implant procedure? How is a dental Implant placed?

It all starts with a consultation. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for the dental implant procedure, a series of radiographic images and scans are taken to plan the angulation and the placement of the titanium implant. After the planning is done, an appointment is set up. Local anesthesia is used, the implant procedure is done with the minimally invasive approach. Sometimes the implant is temporarily restored with a crown and sometimes the site is left alone to heal. It all depends on your particular situation. The dental implant is restored with an abutment and a crown typically 2-6 months after the implant procedure, sometimes faster.

What is the recovery like after a dental implant procedure?

It varies. The majority of patients report no pain at all. Most patients continue their daily routine after the procedure and are free to go back to work the following day. Smaller percentage of patients report slight discomfort and a little swelling. Pain is controlled with Ibuprofen and salt water rinses.

How long do dental Implants last?

It depends. Diet and home care plays a large role. Research has confirmed that Implants have approximately 90% chance of surviving over ten years.

Is a dental implant as good as the original tooth?

No, but it’s close. Dental implants do have their own set of issues and setbacks much like anything else. For example, the feedback of an implant is not the same as a natural tooth. That’s why we should do all we can to preserve and maintain the teeth that nature has given us.

Is it possible to make an implant look like a real tooth?

Yes! As a cosmetic dentist, my dentistry mimics nature, which means that with the right techniques, photography, and a great ceramist, it is possible to match the porcelain to look just like the neighboring teeth. If multiple teeth are being replaced, then a new smile design approach is implemented.

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